Welcome to Distance Education with Jubilee

For over 20 years, Jubilee Christian College has been providing distance education to families across Queensland. We offer a seamless education from Prep to Year 12, working under the Australian Curriculum. Our dedicated teachers and support staff, are committed to assisting not only the students,but the whole family, in their education journey, with all necessary workbooks and resources being delivered directly to you at the commencement of every term. At Jubilee we provide excellence in Christian education, by equipping them to use their God-given gifts and talents, enabling students to flourish.

Developing Character - Realising Potential - Learning for Life & Eternity

Why Distance Education?

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, studies have shown what we at Jubilee have known since our conception – there are very clear advantage to distance education. Benefits such as:

At Jubilee, it is our desire to see every child reach their potential. Upon enrolment in Distance Education with Jubilee, an Individual Learning Plan is established for every child, ensuring that learning programs are designed to fit the student, and not the other way around.


There is genuine Godly love within the Jubilee Distance Education community… with a desire to see not just our children flourish, but families also. This is a breath of fresh air.


Every one of my children’s teachers have been wonderful... and have always gone above and beyond to help them, not only in learning, but also cheering them on and encouraging them in life... I am thankful that we chose to take the leap into Distance Education with Jubilee.


We are very grateful for our experience with your wonderful and caring school community and it will always be seen as a truly uplifting and stabilising part of our lives.

Extra-Curricular Activities & Camps

Gone are the days when Distance Education meant schooling from home with limited socializing opportunities. From Curriculum Activity Days, to Sporting Carnivals to Regional Afternoon Teas and Family Camps, we create various opportunities for students to socialise, learn and grow. Parents also find these times invaluable as they share and learn from other parents who are on a similar educational journey. 

One of the main events on the extra-curricular calendar is the Annual Senior Camp held at Emu Gully Adventure Camp in the Lockyer Valley. Activities focus on developing teamwork and leadership and are tailored to develop resilience, responsibility and independence. Students often cite this time as the highlight of their Senior years.

Senior Pathways

At Jubilee we recognise that God has created each and every one of us with different giftings and talents. As students enter into the senior phase of their schooling, we offer a diverse and flexible program to ensure that they have access to their pathway of their choice. We have a dedicated careers team who help students construct a personalized pathway. They are able to advise and support students who want to incorporate VET or University Studies (through Headstart or SUN) into their Queensland Certificate of Education. 

Whether students wish to gain entrance to Tertiary Education or head directly into the work force, our Senior Phase program aims to prepare and equip each student to achieve their God-given potential. 

Click here for a copy of our Senior Pathways Handbook.

Hybrid Learning

The expertise and experience that Jubilee Christian College have in Distance Education, means that they are well situated to introduce a Hybrid Learning Model. This flexible schooling option, will allow secondary students to enjoy the best of both worlds as they carry learning part-time on campus and part-time via Distance Education. 

Our secondary school is structured in such a way that students may, for example, choose to study Maths and English from home and then join the classroom for HPE, Electives, camps and carnivals. No matter where the students are studying, they will have access to teachers for academic and learning support.

Principal Chris Radcliffe says “essentially we are bringing at-home learning and classroom learning together to enable effective learning whilst still maintaining the very important social element of schooling.”