Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide excellence in Christian Education for the Tableland area, to serve our nation through Distance Education, and to equip our children to serve Jesus Christ, through their God-given callings.

College Core Values

The College aims to educate the whole person: to integrate the spiritual, mental, social and physical aspects of training so that each child will grow up into Christ in all things. More specifically the College will be concerned in establishing in the lives of the students:

We Value What God Values

Every member of the College community shall strive individually, and corporately, to pursue Christian character, and to achieve excellence in all their endeavours.

We Value Our Talents Given By God

Every member of the College community has the right, and the responsibility, to learn, and that right shall be supported, and not diminished by the actions of other College members.

We Value Each Other

Each member of the College community is a unique individual, created in the image of God, and is therefore deserving of respect and care from all other members of the College community.

We Value Our School and Its Community

Every member of the College community should seek to volunteer, anticipate and contribute when they see an opportunity or a need, thereby demonstrating what they believe in, by initiating change for good and by serving others.

College Objectives

To instill in the students -

  • Recognition of the sovereignty and the Lordship of Christ.

  • Respect for authority, both parental and other.

  • The need for discipline and correction as a positive contribution to development.

  • The need to embrace a positive approach to learning.

To encourage the parent to -

  • Respect the child as a person.

  • Realise the value of the child.

  • Recognise the individuality of the child as a unique person gifted by Christ.

  • Realise the need for love if development is to take place.

Become involved in the overall life training of their children through active participation in the life of the College.