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Loloma Kirk
Deputy Principal - DE Unit 1 
Teaching & Learning

Jubilee Christian College is pleased to offer approved Distance Education to families.
The following table and information from the Qld Education Department outlines the difference between Distance Education and Homeschooling.

Distance Education


-   Teacher plans program and curriculum choices approved by College

-   Parent implements teacher directed program

-   Program and curriculum choices set up by parent and/or approved by depart of ed

-    Parent plan, implement and report to department of education

-    Parent teaching student on daily basis

-   Parent playing role of sole teacher with no professional guidance

-   Teacher determines reporting and assessment procedure based on National Curriculum requirements

-   Parent legally responsible for their student’s education

-   Parent may employ a tutor as needed

With distance education, a parent enrols their child in a school of distance education and a school program is provided by that school for the child. Teachers are available to help monitor the child's learning and a teacher from the school reports on the child (as in mainstream schools). The parent is the supervisor or home tutor to the child within their home. There are state schools and accredited non-state schools of distance education.

With home education, parents develop or adapt their own program for the child. The parent or a teacher engaged or employed by the parent, is the educator of the child. The educator plans, implements and evaluates the child's learning from one year to the next. The parent whose name appears on the application form is legally responsible for ensuring that their child receives a high quality education, irrespective of whoever else may assist with the child's education.

Unit 1
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  • Jubilee offers all inclusive fee structure for all Distance Education families that includes the student workbooks and resource materials and access to teacher prescribed online programs.  This means that all the curriculum, resource materials, access to Curriculum Activity Sessions etc are included in the all inclusive fee.

Unit 1 offers enrolment to students residing in Qld. Support is provided in the form of regular email, telephone and online conferencing support as well as at least 2 home visits per year.  Families are also able to access four regional workshops per year and additional local activity mornings/afternoons, annual local family oriented awards nights, and activity days, such as athletics days, excursions and camps. 

A range of library resources is available to support student programs. These resources include early readers, novels, instructional videos, Maths manipulatives and practical science resources.

Unit 1 students receive two student reports per year with regular sample collection for portfolios throughout the year.


The teachers in Unit 1 use a Biblical based curriculum including  workbooks and educational resources produced by the College, and other commercial resources and materials in order to provide an academic program to meet ACARA National Standards. 

For students entering the senior phase of learning, teachers offer career counselling, vocational education, clear paths to TAFE, University or the workforce, SAT1 preparation support, QLD Certificate in Education and endorsed work experience (school-based apprenticeships and traineeships). 


Our teachers are all dedicated Christians with a sincere love for the Lord and a heart for working with DE families. Wherever possible, teachers are locally based to families in order to provide the best possible service to families